careful what you ask of god and careful how you ask it

Its a strangely powerful thing when god gets all up in your mix….I have for the longest time had this argument with myself as to if God will actually take an active role in the life of a specific individual..the last few days this thought had really been bouncing off my brain….you really…really….REALLY want to be careful when you ask God to “show me”……I truly believe he got tired of me going on and on and decided to show me what time it was…….also funny that Emery and I had also touched on the subject at breakfast this morning……So first let me say that it has always been my contention that we…you and I are the miracles, god made us and if we are doing the right thing then we are the miracle for those who could not make it other wise…..and for the most part this is true…….
I mean really who the heck am I that God would take a personal interest in me….he got way more important people doing important things to be watched over….Im just a guy riding….thinking….I really enjoy thought. not speeding, but for some reason I found my self in an unfamiliar turn, at a bad point of the turn but not turning yet…..yep that s the oh crap moment….now this is where it all get s rather um…..strange…..I start braking…..mostly front……I personally do not recall making a mental effort to lean the bike thru the turn but suddenly I was almost scraping my face on the road, my plate and bolts on my forward controls are shooting sparks….now here is where it gets….um…spooky.
ok so if the bike is sliding why isn’t my leg all eat up? why didn’t the bike slide into the guardrail? how did I get all the way thru the turn? as soon as the road straightened up the bike came out of the lean……like nothing ever happen…..1.shows where my forward controls are..thats about 5 inches of the ground….that area is about three inches deep…it was packed with grass and dirt..2. is where the bolt and plate are ground down from the slide.look at the angle on the bolt and back of the plate… the bike slid thru the turn then decided to right it self on the straight a way?….my thoughts as it was all happening ……funny though how calm I was…so this is where im going to die…right about there….then all of a sudden the bike was up right and we was ok……….my point is?????? careful what you ask of god and careful how you ask it….im done. ~ Marco